Ghost Coupe to be fastest Rolls-Royce ever

13/08/2012 17:00

Autocar snapped spy shots of Rolls-Royce Ghost Coupe, and judging by the proportions of the car will be as long, front and back rack, it will make Dick Tracy whistle. We will get the true story about what the Geneva Motor Show next year, which is when Autocar say that this should be solved, but what is less a question: with 6.6-liter 600-horsepower V12 and stressful it will go the fastest Rolls-Royce ever.

Weight is estimated to be reduced by 200 kg compared to its sedan sibling, and its roof to fall to about three inches. If the numbers are correct power is shorter and easier Spirit coupe, with 69-strong blow to the coupe, certainly deliver "much more impressive" acceleration promised. Aid issues will be lowered chassis, bigger tires, "soft sports oriented" brakes and suspension are more aggressive, but the delivery just, waftability.
Although it is called the Phantom Coupe at this time, insiders suggested that the magazine that he gets his own, custom, name, with prices higher than the standard sedan, but below the extended-wheelbase sedan.